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Add a wedding photo booth to your wedding reception and add a ton of fun and memories for you and your guests. When comparing wedding photo booth companies, please understand that not all services are the same. For example, when sitting a group of 8 guests, others will shoot 2 strips per session, causing the group to endure 4 sessions in order for each guest to get their own strip. This is a terrible waste of time!

We, on the other hand, with one session, can make 8 strips for these 8 guests so that everyone in each photo gets a strip to take home with them. Our reliable team of photographers also carry 2 printers, 2 computers and 2 cameras… just in case. Most other companies do not. 

Photo booth rentals for weddings are a specialty of ours. Our wedding photographers at Perskie Photography have photographed over 10,000 brides! For a Live Online Demo, call us at (410) 668-6640 or fill out the contact form below.

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               Wedding photo booths are enclosed for privacy and hold up to 9 guests.

            Our NEW Wedding Photo Booth by designer Nicole Miller:

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