In preparation for my brother’s wedding, I booked a photo booth rental four months ago (mid-May, 2014) through an online coupon service. The name used for the company is Photobooth Company. They sold me a package for ~$700, charged my credit card, and informed me by email that they would be contacting me 20 days before the date of the event.

The Monday before the Saturday wedding event, I had heard nothing from Photobooth Company. I called their 800 number, and I spoke with a woman named Amanda. She said that they had not found a “service provider” in the area yet, but that they were working on “filling the order.” She also said that 1) she would have a manager call me back that day; and 2) that she would have a service provider by Wednesday, and 3) that everything was going according to plan.

I immediately became worried, and began doing some internet research on this company. The online reviews are overwhelmingly negative, and that is especially true for the reviewers located in Maryland.

In essence, the nightmarish stories recounted in the reviews described exactly what I was experiencing. Apparently too,¬†Photobooth Company would simply cancel the photobooth the day prior to the event because they weren’t able to find a service provider or because there was a double-booking issue.

Well, I never got a call back from the manager of Photobooth Company, nor did I hear from the so-called service provider by Wednesday. I started to get anxious, and I called back, asking to speak with a manager. I was told that the manager was in a meeting and would call me back in a hour. Four hours went by, and no call. I called again, and I was accused of “harassing” them. I told them I deserved some form of assurance that the photobooth rental would in fact be available on the day of the event (at the time, two days away), and they couldn’t and wouldn’t give me that. I was told to just “trust them.”

I couldn’t do that. They had charged my credit card four months prior, and two days prior to the date of the event, I had no confidence they had the means or the willingness to ensure that I would get what I paid for. Plus, I had virtually no time to find a replacement. After contacting my own credit card company and informing them of the situation, the credit card company called¬†Photobooth Company and secured a refund.